Christensen Gulf Services (CGS)

Christensen Gulf Services (CGS)

Oilfields Supply Center Sdn Bhd (OSC) machine shop (Christensen Gulf Services) provides a wide range of services and solutions to the oil and gas industry in a cost effective way, meeting or exceeding our client requirements.

Our extensive suite of oilfield machine shop services includes manufacturing, repairing and servicing of the downhole drilling tools.

Our Quality Management System complies with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2008 and API Q1 9th Edition.

1. Machinery/ Equipment

  • CNC Hollow Spindle Lathe with spindle ID 24”
  • Manual Lathe with Grinding attachment
  • NOV Torque Master
  • Jar Tester
  • Casing Torque Unit

2. Capabilities

a. Manufacturing of tools under the API Spec 7-1 Monogram License;

  • Includes Drill Stem Subs (X-Over Subs, Saver Subs, Bit Subs, and Lift Subs etc), Drill Collars,Stabilizers, Threading for Rotary Shoulder Connections.

b. Repairing of Tools includes;

  • API thread repair on tools like Drill Stem Subs, Drill Collars, Stabilizers, Heavy Weight Drill Pipes, Drill Pipes and Tubing & Casing etc.
  • Stabilizer repair includes crack removal, build-up of damaged/worn down portion of blades and re-application of tungsten carbide hardfacing on to the blades.

c. Servicing of Tools includes;

  • Servicing of Drilling Jars & Shock Tools using NOV Torque Master.
  • Torquing of connections – max 14” OD, torque up to 150,000 ft/lbs.

d. General Machine Shop services includes;

  • Turning
  • Boring
  • Drilling
  • Saw Cut – Round bars max 24” OD
  • Grinding – max 24” OD
  • Painting

e. Supply of Tools/Materials;

  • Heavy Weight Drill Pipes
  • Lifting bails with API threads – Pin and Box type
  • Thread protectors for Pin and Box connections – Plastic and Pressed Steel

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